Advantage Midstream plants are capable of processing various streams, including carbon based waste gasses. Advantage Midstream can turn these waste sources into profit centers while lowering the overall emissions from the facility.

Services Business Model

Advantage Midstream is a traditional midstream services company using proven cutting edge technologies, such as our partnership with Greyrock Energy, to solve the energy industry’s most difficult issues in an economically positive way. By investing in solutions to eliminate risk to our customers, Advantage addresses problems once considered unsolvable while boosting the bottom line for our customers at no cost.

Our unique processes convert various sources such as natural gas, ethane, flare gas, or CO2 into syngas. We then convert that syngas directly into our ultra clean, low emissions, synthetic diesel fuel, gasoline, and hydrogen in one simple step. 

This simplification allows for the installation of conversion equipment close to the source with minimal impact. By gaining a full understanding of the customer’s issue, we create a tailored solution to deliver the most optimal value.

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Advantage Service Applications

Flaring Gas

Advantage Midstream can process full stream flare gas directly at the source, not only eliminating emissions and driving environmental compliance, but also creating new revenue streams for the producer.

Economically Stranded Gas and NGLs

By processing gas through Advantage Midstream plants, producers can realize increased net backs compared to current pipeline gas or NGL markets.

Distributed Hydrogen Supply

Whether it’s for hydrogen vehicles or a new hydrogen supply for a refinery, Advantage Midstream has the capability to produce low cost hydrogen from very small scale to very large scale to meet growing hydrogen demand.

Off Spec Gas

Advantage Midstream Plants can process off spec gas with ease, whether it’s high nitrogen, high CO2, or other contaminants