The M-Class (or “Movable”) systems convert full stream natural gas or natural gas liquids into an all liquid gasoline blendstock and premium road ready diesel fuel using a compact, modular, movable system based on Greyrock’s proven Direct Fuel ProductionTM technology.

The M-Class units are skid mounted, delivered by truck to the site and do not require poured foundations. Each unit has an automated control system and is remotely monitored.
The M-Class systems can be installed at well pads, Central Delivery Points (CDP’s), or other locations where stranded or low value gas and NGL streams exist or where bottlenecks in gas gathering systems are present. Natural gas, either rich or dry, or NGLs are piped into the M-Class system and liquid product is produced and stored in tanks. The fuel product will be separately stored as fuel and sold into the marketplace.

The M-Class is designed for producers desiring to reduce energy waste and environmental impact while monetizing stranded/flare gas volumes. In addition, our systems provide diversification of commodity exposure into premium refined products.


  • Skidded Systems
  • Easily Relocated
  • No Foundations Required
  • Truckable
  • Remotely Operated
  • Low RVP Products
  • Small Footprint


  • Input (MMBTU Per Day): 781
  • Output (Barrels Per Day): 67
  • Footprint (ft x ft): 50’ x 50'
  • Area Class: Class 1; Div 2
  • Min/Max Inlet Pressure: *380 psig/2,000 psig
  • Min/Max Inlet Temp: None/150 °F